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Temperature monitoring: desinfection in health care sector
and low temperature monitoring in cold chain logistic

Temperature monitoring

Identify, measure, and save using the TELID®3T RFID data logger

With our semi-passive RFID sensor data loggers, various processes can be monitored and validated. Physical variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure, or vibration are recorded with the highest accuracy by integrated sensor elements and transmitted without contact thanks to RFID.
The contactless RFID technology enables sensors to be applied to hard-to-reach places or moving parts, especially where no cable connections are possible. The TELID®3T solution is used with the temperature logger products TELID®311, TELID®314 and TELID®312 in a wide variety of applications, for validating the temperature in washing or steam sterilization processes, in low-temperature stores to verify the cold chain or in the transport logistics of food or pharmaceutical products.

Cryo- & low temperature monitoring

microsensys expands the portfolio of TELID®3T temperature loggers! The new data loggers, available in two different versions, cover the low temperature range down to -79°C.
The TELID®311.cr has an integrated temperature sensor and is therefore very easy to use by adding it to the objects that must be tested.
The TELID®314.cr is characterized by an external stainless steel temperature sensor. This special variant enables a fast response time, higher measuring precision and temperature measurement in hard-to-reach spaces, liquids, tissues, or other materials.
Both loggers have a low-temperature-resistant battery and a non-volatile memory that stores up to 8000 measured data sets with time stamp. Identically to other products of the TELID®3T series, the sensor data loggers are equipped with a precise Real Time Clock. The measuring intervals from a minimum of 1s to a maximum of 59min as well as the start and stop times can be freely set using the evaluation software TELID®soft 5.0

Properties at a glance:

  • applicable in the temperature range from -79°C to +85°C
  • high quality temperature sensor with high measuring accuracy of ± 0.3 ° K.
  • short temperature reaction times of 2 seconds in water
  •  protection class IP67
  • freely adjustable measuring intervals from 1 second to 59 minutes
  • configurable start and stop times
  • compatible with the evaluation software TELID®soft 5.0


Monitoring of sterilization processes in clinics and medical practices

Hygiene is everything! In clinics and medical practices, the health of patients and employees always comes first. For this reason, cleaning procedures and hygiene standards must meet regulations requirements, for example, in the sterilization of surgical instruments. To verify compliance of the standards for sterilization processes regardless of the technical equipment of the washing devices, microsensys developed the temperature and pressure-resistant sensor data loggers TELID®311.ac and TELID®314.ac. These loggers guarantee seamless and efficient temperature monitoring during the entire sterilization process under the extreme temperature and pressure conditions of up to +140°C and 3.6 bar. TELID®314.ac has an external temperature sensor, which ensures the temperature monitoring in cavities or hard-to-reach spaces into the instruments. Every TELID® has a permanently integrated battery with a lifetime of up to 3 years with regular use. More than 8,000 data sets with time stamps can be recorded during a measurement process. Using the validation software TELID®soft 5.0, valid reports for A0, F0 and F93.3 can be generated in accordance with standards meeting the obligation about evidence of compliance with defined temperature ranges during the sterilization processes.


NFC data logger for digital temperature monitoring during storage and transport of sensitive products using NFC data loggers

One of the most important criteria in the logistics of food and medicines is punctual delivery in compliance with the cold chain. Thus, the continuous monitoring of the cold chain is critical. This can be achieved with the use of the TELID®312.nfc sensor data logger, which can independently measure and save the temperature in predefined intervals is an effective and simple solution to verify the cold chain during storage and transport.
microsensys’s NFC data logger simplify the digital data collection of temperature profiles in logistic processes. The battery-operated NFC sensor data logger saves the measured data directly on the integrated memory. The measurement data is then read out via the NFC interface of an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet using a free TELID®soft NFC app for Android devices.


  • suitable for the temperature range from -25 °C to +60 °C
  • robust design of the sensor data logger
  • save up to 2200 measurement data
  • transfer of measured data distance of 0 to 20 mm
  • fixing by means of mounting holes
  • compatible with NFC-enabled devices
  • availability of free app in the Google Play Store

You can find further information under NFC Sensor Solutions - Microsensys » make things wireless

Temperature monitoring of washing processes according to CLC/FprTS 50707

The technical specification CLC / FprTS 50707 published by CENELEC defines a measuring method for determining the representative maximum temperature which is achieved in a washing cycle. The measurement of temperature curves during the washing process as well as the technical specification CLC / FprTS 50707 place special requirements which our TELID®311 fulfills.

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