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RFID sensor transponders and data loggers from microsensys

Two challenges in one product - this is TELID®

A technology that combines the latest sensor technology with wireless RFID technology as a low-power system. microsensys offers passive RFID sensor-transponders and semi-passive RFID sensor data loggers in the frequency ranges HF and UHF and for different applications.

Based on standard products for measuring temperature, other physical quantities such as pressure, humidity, acceleration, vibration, shock and strain were adapted for specific applications.

With the TELID® product line, you can have a complete RFID system solution. Take advantage of an objectified evaluation of conditions as well as full traceability. At microsensys, you can have all system components from a single source.

A TELID® sensor system usually consists of the following components:

  • TELID® sensor transponders or data loggers for measuring and recording physical quantities,
  • an iID® read/write device for programming and reading the TELID®s, as well as
  • the TELID® software for visualising, analysing and archiving measured values as well as for programming the TELID® data logger

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