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RFID Reader

For reading and writing of transponders, RFID read/write devices (read/write interfaces or just readers) are used, which carry out the communication between RFID transponders and HOST computers. Due to our motivated and highly qualified team of designers, we have the best conditions for the flexible development and production of RFID read/write devices for a wide variety of applications. In particular, the development of customised RFID readers is one of the core competencies of microsensys.

We offer a broad range of standard designs for transferring data and putting together RFID reader system components as part of the brand iID® contactless. Which interface is the best option depends on how flexible you would like to be during communication. 

Support for specific RFID chip types is treated as a separate project. We would be happy to advise you on which RFID read/write devices are ideally suited for your RFID application.

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Software Tools                                                                         Description
Interface config toolParameter settings for Reader »
Script generator SPC-ModusCommandos specification »
RFID Tray ApplicationTransponder integration into the own software »
UIIwriter EPC-ModusInitialisation of UHF-Transponder »
Re-Configuration USB InterfaceUpdate Driver Configuration of Reader (WINDOWS 10) » 


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