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Mobile programming &
evaluation software

full functionality application software
in conjunction with microsensys hardware

Application Software


microsensys TELID sensor data loggers are designed for process control in industrial applications, condition monitoring in logistics processes and for use in the laboratory environment. TELID sensor data loggers allow monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure and shock events. A system solution consisting of Android App for smartphones with integrated NFC interface as well as additional support for stationary PCs allows a flexible handling of the data logger in mobile processes up to extended programming and evaluation functions on the desktop. TELIDsoft 5 for PC platform provides full programming, evaluation and reporting features, including data storage, CSV data export and  PDF reports.

TELIDsoft for Android is our mobile programming and evaluation software supporting all NFC enabled TELID data loggers. Please visit Google play store in order to download TELIDsoft for Android.

  • programming and evaluation software for TELID data loggers
  • TELIDsoft for PC supports reporting and graphical evaluation
  • available for Windows (x86/x64), Windows CE, Windows Embedded Handheld, Android

iID® data collector / iID® cloud service  

iID® data collector is designed to work on Android devices combined with microsensys RFID interfaces. iID® data collector can be configured to run specific comunication scripts. Collected data is automatically transferred to a cloud based service, where it can be visualized by a WEB interface. iID® data collector is an eays to use tool, which enables you to collect RFID transponder- and sensor data without the need of software programming on your Android device. The functionality is extended by a cloud based service giving you a world wide access to collected data.

  • mobile scan software supporting free definable scripts
  • interface for web backend
  • available for Android devices in conjunction with microsensys RFID interfaces

iID® INIT tool

iID® init tool is now available in second generation. The tool is designed to initialize/read structured transponders, create field definitions and define transponder memory mappings. iID® init tool supports data import of datasets as well as file logging for programmed datasets. It is designed to work on Windows PC and requires Microsoft .Net framework..

  • TAG programming software supporting iID® contactless transponders and readers
  • flexible field definition based on application requirements
  • support for data import and file logging of programmed datasets

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