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Small animals monitoring

microsensys is a trusted partner to various research institutions already many years. Our mini-TAGs are used all over the world to determine biodiversity.

We are constantly working on intelligent solutions that allow more insight into animal behavior. With the RFID mic®3 technology from microsensys, small animals, preferably insects, can be identified. Successful research projects have already been carried out with bees and clawed frogs (Xenopus). Moreover, successful identification was realized with bumblebees, hornets, mice, ants, spiders, fish or animal specimens is also conceivable. In principle, the use of mic3®technology makes a sense, if the transponder weight should be less than 5 mg. The mic®3 transponder has a size of 2 mm³ and the reading distance can be maintained of up to a maximum of 5 mm.

Bees monitoring- and managementsystem

The iID®bee System is a collective term for the iID®science & iID®inspect solutions, that are suitable for beekeepers, small businesses or research institutions. The new system has been designed in such way that it is very easy to set up and manage. The main components of this system are the multifunctional RFID transponders, TELID® sensors, mobile reading devices or RFID antennas. The advantages of this system are the optimization of costs and time by ..


The advantages of this system are the optimization of costs and time by ..

  • wireless and uncomplicated setup
  • constant expansion of the bee colonies and increasing the honey harves through stress-free controls
  • reduction in administrative expenses (faster response to problems thanks to intelligent software and simplified determination of harvest times)
  • creation of movement profiles of each bee or  bee colony
  • prevention of swarm instinct
  • determination of attractive and profitable locations

Bee identification for research

The mic3®Q1.6 mini transponder allows easy and stress-free tagging each bee individual. The data is collected with the associated one- / unidirection and wide antennas as well as the corresponding software. In order to let you know what the little animals do the whole day.


Wireless solution for beehives

An eternal question: "Should the beekeeper open the beehive for the inspection or not?" Research by the researchers showed that beehive inspections are not very resource-efficient. Every time when the beehive will be opened, there is a loss of honey yield of up to one kilo.

Checking the temperature, humidity and weight are routine. The well-being of the bees is extremely important to us, thats why the microsensys team developed a completely wireless and stress-free system solution for monitoring the beehives. The bees are no longer disturbed. This strengthen their defenses and protect them against pests. Regular temperature controls allow you to register in good time whether the bee colonies  have enough space, if the queen is in danger or whether are bee colonies going well. The mobile app called iID®bee APP is a reliable helper for beekeepers who want to work mobile and efficient.

Joint project between University of Würzburg and microsensys GmbH

Supported by: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture; Developer:  Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food  Agricultural Rentenbank; Cooperation: we4bee -, Julius-Maximilians University Würzburg