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Drivers & Libraries

Basic instruments for communication with microsensys RFID hardware

iID® driver engine

iID® driver engine is our native RFID driver supporting all common Windows Platforms like Windows CE, Pocket-PC, Windows Mobile, Windows (x86/x64).

iID® driver engine is a unique interface, which combines acces to several hardware interfaces (RS232, USB, Bluetooth, OEM specific) in one platform driver. So it‘s easy to switch between different RFID technologies (LF, HF, UHF), TELID sensors, and system structures (mobile, stationary) without the need of re-programming your RFID reader interface.

iID® driver engine for Microsoft Windows 7

iID® driver engine is designed to work on Windows Mobile, Windows CE.Net and Windows PC

iID® driver engine for Windows can be downloaded here:  iID® driver engine sample codes and further sample codes can be found here: or alternatively on our GitHub account

iID® driver engine for Android

iID® driver engine is designed to work on Android version 4.3 up to version 10.

iID® driver engine for Android can be downloaded here:

TELID® class library für Microsoft Windows & Android

TELID® class library is a software layer based on iID® driver engine, which gives programmers access to  microsensys TELID® dataloggers. So it‘s possible to configure, program and read out TELID® dataloggers using a simplified interface. microsensys offers sample codes for implementation of TELID® driver engine as part of the TELID® starter kits. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our IID® driver engines or available versions of the TELID® class library.

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