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Condition Monitoring

Energy self-sufficient TELID®TAGs clearly identify objects
and register their vibrations.

RFID Vibration Sensor Transponder TELID®281

The new sensor transponder TELID®281.3Dm measures vibrations in a frequency range from 0 to 1.6 kHz with an acceleration resolution of better than 5 mg. Its integrated processor performs signal integrations as required and, in the future, simple Fourier transformations. All calibration data and essential maintenance data remain stored on the permanently installed TELID sensor.

RFID Communicator iID®POCKETwork

With the wireless mobile communication device POCKET®work you can reach every position on your object to be inspected. The results are transmitted to a mobile device via Bluetooth.

Your advantage:
Clear, forgery-proof and permanently marked objects, exactly reproducible measurement through unchanged and contactless measurement coupling as well as the simplest communication technology.

  • Convenient maintenance and servicing processes using mobile RFID technology
  • Intelligent maintenance processes require intelligent and easy-to-handle sensors. In the age of the Internet of Things, simple and standardized communication interfaces are essential.
  • Smart mobile data acquisition via RFID is the solution.
  • Condition monitoring on machines and drive components

Using stationary RFID technology, you can register vibrations on moving parts in machines, gears or conveyor systems without contact. microsensys develops and produces your suitable miniaturized and integrable RFID reader.


Sensorik for condition monitoring

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