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RFID Technology for medical devices & accessories

Developers at microsensys GmbH have been dealing with wireless energy and data transmission issues for years. Thanks to many years of experiences, innovative solutions are well and widely used on the medical and pharmaceutical industries markets – such intracranial pressure instruments in human body. Highly interesting and advantageous are the possibility of extreme miniaturization and the fact that the application of these implants is not depending on batteries and their durability. At first glance inconspicuous small components offer a clear added value. For this reason, RFID solutions from the medical and pharmaceutical industry have become indispensable. As a system partner, microsensys also offers suitable software for your applications. A simple software integration, depends on the interface, associated drivers or sample codes, is provided as well. Thanks to years of experience results a solid expertise in developing a low risk technology.  The process support by microsensys is strongly oriented towards result and end-product.

Wireless power supply and data communication for implants in human body

microsensys offers a wide range of miniaturized passive sensor transponders that are a versatile basis for different applications in RFID technology. These passive transponders are battery-less which guaranteed over several years of lifetime for such systems and geometrically very small. In customized solutions such implants can be used in monitoring various physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, movement and tension in human body. A passive RFID system allows this non-contact measurements in a patient's body. The aims are minimizing the infection’s risk, making chronically patients more mobile and gaining new fair values at the right time. This built-in wireless, battery-free solution gives the patient a better quality of life and leads to a high acceptance. Should you have any question, don't hesitated to contact us

Applying RFID for monitoring of medical replacement parts and disposables

As a result of demographic change, the need for high-quality solutions for medical technology is growing. A brief overview of the benefits in which the application with the appropriate RFID system solution from microsensys has already achieved, will be summarized as follow:

Minimizing Risk and Data Management                                                                                        Through contactless communication between the RFID reader modules which built into the medical devices and the transponder on the additional accessories, the RFID has proven to be a very reliable technology for contactless, unambiguous detection and data transmission. So only successfully identified devices can be connected to each other (such as Plugs, tubing, and etc.) which can minimize the human error rate. Through integrated space available, the unit data as well as the latest data or the application time or life duration of the transponders will be stored. Automatic generated reports can provide more information about which accessories that require to be repaired or has already worn out.

Brand Protection and Quality Guarantee with RFID Technology                                                                                                                                                        For the licensing of a medical device is very important so that the components of the medical devices can also be clearly recognized as such and their present condition can be evaluated properly. It must be ensured that the component actually belongs to the approved medical device and not from another manufacturer. This requirement is from the perspective of risk management particularly crucial for the components of the medical device which may come non-invasively or invasively in contact with the patient or the objective for even using this treatment part.

The benefits of using RFID technology in the medical, pharmaceutical and odontology sectors are immense: risk reduction, enormous time savings, cost reduction through optimized processes and improvements in quality management.

Other solutions, such as identification of laboratory analyses samples, temperature measurement on blood bag, optimization of quality management during steam sterilization or the washing process in hospitals, are standard products from microsensys assortiment.

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