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Mobile data acquisition in cargo & industry

In the age of the Internet of Things, simple and standardized communication interfaces are essential. Smart mobile data acquisition using RFID is the solution. microsensys offers a wide range of smart handheld RFID read / write devices. The devices are characterized by their small size, their ergonomic design and their mobile using. The mobile data aquisition of the read / write devices is very useful in many applications, for example in case if exactly one specific RFID transponder of several has to be selected or if a direct intention is desired. The provide drivers enable easily implementation in the system application. Learn more here »

Contactless process monitoring during steam sterilization & washing processes

With the use of RFID technology, can everyday routines in healthcare sector be simplified and thus optimized. The portfolio of RFID system components from microsensys for this market segment is broad and there are diverse potential applications: labeling of surgical instruments and sterile containers with sterilization-resistant RFID transponders, special sensor transponders for measuring brain pressure, intelligent sample identification and temperature monitoring with sensor data loggers. Learn more here »


Condition monitoring in industry & logistic

The combination of sensors and RFID technology  has enormous potential for increasing the performance and for optimization of automation solutions. The use of passive RFID sensor transponders in quality assurance processes as well as in maintenance and servicing becomes an objectification of the processes and simplifies handling. Learn more here »


Wireless power supply and data communication for implants in human body

microsensys developers have been dealing with wireless energy and data transmission issues for years. Thanks to many years of experiences, innovative solutions are well and widely used on the medical and pharma markets – such intracranial pressure instruments in human body. Highly interesting and advantageous are the possibility of extreme miniaturization and the fact that the application of these implants is not depending on batteries and their durability. Learn more here »

Applying RFID for monitoring of medical replacement parts and disposibles

At first glance inconspicuous small components offer a clear added value. For this reason, RFID solutions from the medical and pharmaceutical industry have become indispensable. How RFID products manufactured, many knows, how to develop correctly and functionally, we know. Thanks to years of experience results a solid expertise in developing a low risk technology. As a medium-sized company we can approach and react flexibly and quickly to customers’ specific requirements. Learn more here »


Monitoring of small animals and bees

The well-being of the bees is also extremely important to us, due to that microsensys team developed  completely wireless and stress-free system solution for monitoring the beehives. The bees will not be disturbed any more. We are also constantly working on intelligent solutions that allow more insight into animal behavior. Successful research projects have already been carried out with bees and clawed frogs (Xenopus). Learn more here »

NFC Logging Solutions

A system solution consisting of Android App for smartphones with integrated NFC interface as well as additional support for stationary PCs allows a flexible handling of the data logger in mobile processes up to extended programming and evaluation functions on the desktop. Learn more here »