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Milestones & History

An overview of our company history

May 2015

The new NFC sensor transponder TELID®232 with rectangular housing, which allows the wireless measuring of ambient temperature and humidity, microsensys shows at the SENSOR + TEST 2015

April 2015

The first iID®PEN reader for UHF frequency range was dewy presented during the RFID Journal LIVE! in San Diego, California. The iID®PENsolid is optimized for use with the latest mobile devices in industrial environments.

Spring 2015

microsensys starts with the first sampling of mini RFID transponders based on the LEGIC ATC1024-chip technology.

TELID® RFID temperature logger in WORLD RFID pallets - the Thuringian companies microsensys GmbH and Falkenhahn AG show on the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart for the first time an RFID data logger, which is installed inside of pallets.

January 2015

RFID sensor data logger in half chip card format - RFID sensor data logger TELID®312 (temperature), TELID®322 (shock), TELID®332 (humidity) and TELID®342 (pressure).

Autumn 2014

HID and RFID – together with the new iID®HIDconverter proven RFID read-write device can be used as an input device. The iID® POCKETwork is now as well available with integrated Bluetooth ™ HID functionality.

August 2014

The English version of the website of microsensys goes online with a new look.

Summer of 2014

For the industrial handheld computer IT-800 from CASIO microsensys developed a read-write module that combines both UHF and LEGIC functions.

TELID® RFID sensor transponder for the contactless measurement of temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and tilt as well as the visualizing the measured values with the RFID read-write interface iID®POCKETwork.

June 2014

In cooperation with the company KELLER Druckmesstechnik microsensys developed the hermetically protected RFID pressure sensors TELID®243 and TELID®343.

March 2014

microsensys presents the morning session at the CeBIT forum AutoID / RFID 2014 "Sensors meet RFID - Trends and Technologies"

Spring 2014

With the iID®DESKTOPsmart, microsensys has expanded its RFID reader range with LEGIC security functionality in addition to the POCKETwork, IT-800 module, INDUSTRY0906 reader and the established iID®stick reader.

October 2013

microsensys is a 2013 QUERDENKER award finalist in the category "Innovation"

Summer 2013

Extensive expansion of the range of HF and UHF TELID® sensor transponders and data loggers. 

April 2013

Participants at the "Coolest Demo Contest" with "Wireless Moisture Checking with an RFID sensor transponder and a NFC smartphone" as part of the RFID Journal LIVE! 2013, Orlando, Florida.

March 2013

The new booth concept with a microsensys look celebrates its première at CeBIT 2013

Spring 2013

microsensys presents a mobile all-rounder in chip card format with the iID®POCKETwork.

Summer 2012

With the iID® PENmotion, a PENreader with a 3D motion sensor, microsensys launches the next generation of mobile RFID Bluetooth readers.

Spring 2012 

Expansion of the range of TELID® sensor transponders to types TELID®257 for measuring soil moisture using NFC and TELID®283 for vibration measurements.

March 2012

microsensys is the official LEGIC® partner and is investing heavily in the further development of LEGIC® based applications

November 2011

The telemetry system developed by RAUMEDIC in collaboration with highly qualified industry partners such as microsensys wins the 2011 Medica Excellence Award

Summer 2011

iID®stick reader - microsensys launches new RFID product range with LEGIC® functionality

March 2011

Microsensys celebrates 20th anniversary

Spring 2011

Gradual introduction of UHF components begins with miniaturised UHF transponders for a metallic environment

October 2010

iID®network and iID®HOST market launch - RFID servers for complex RFID hardware system solutions

Summer 2010

Bee identification and behavioural research with RFID technology - the new iID®MAJA RFID system solution is available

March 2010

Innovative healthcare RFID application in AutoID / RFID solutions park at CeBIT 2010

Spring 2010

TELID® soft 4.0 - The new generation of programming and analysis software TELID®soft for TELID® RFID data loggers offers a convenient programme and simplified operation

December 2009

Introduction of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management

May 2009

18th anniversary celebration

December 2008

RFID show in Paris - plenary conference - Nomination of one of the four recent RFID projects with "Behavioral Studies of Bees with RFID Technology - mic3® 64 RO - the world's smallest RFID Transponder"

November 2008

Moving to a larger property - in Hochstedter Ecke 2, Erfurt

Spring 2008

microsensys presents a new RFID read/write device at CeBIT 2008  - the "iID® DESKTOPsmart"

Summer 2007

The iID® PEN bt - bt stands for Bluetooth™ - united as a new member of the PEN reader range of modern RFID technology and mobile data transfer with a host computer.

May 2006

microsensys wins the "EURO ID Award 2006 - an innovative company"

March 2004

Certification MINI TAGspecial in accordance with aeronautical standard RTCA DO 160D


Market launch of the new RFID system solution iID®3000

December 2003

microsensys meets the target of a strategic product change for reader production for standard transponders and labels for ISO 15693 and 14443 standards

October 2001

Introduction of the ISO 9001:2008 quality management


First miniature TAG mic3® 64bit RO in coil-on-chip technology


Market launch of the new chip generation iID®-C


Market launch of the sensor transponder system TEILD®

February 1998

Moving to a larger property -  Am Seegraben 4, Erfurt


world's first combi-chip card with iID-B-chip 


Market launch of the transponder system iID®2000

September 1995

Moving to a larger property - Juri-Gagarin-Ring 27, Erfurt


Microsensys developed its first RFID transponder with an integrated antenna

Subsequent years

Development of the transponder system iID®2000 and the telemetry system TELID®

March 1991

Company founded by three partners in Erfurt, Rudolfstraße 47