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Mobile data capture

The use of mobile technology in the field of manual and automatic data collection or for public administration and services on basis of mobile devices is becoming increasingly important. If you want to make the RFID technology available to a broad user field, you need simple and practical devices that can be integrated into this existing trend. The extensive product portfolio of microsensys includes a wide range of read-write device for RFID transponders, which have different interfaces such as USB, RS232, CAN-bus or Ethernet that can be connected to communications technology.

Smarter RFID Watch - Reader iID®wearable                               Scanner in Cargo & Industry

iID® wearable - smart UHF RFID scanner for detecting products in the logistics chain, components in materials and luggage in airport processes. Digitilisation steps forward in all areas of intralogistics. Due to new customer demands for more individuality and speed, everything under the premise of low costs, the challenge increases, not just to develop individual processes, but also to optimize the entire process chain in order to reduce costs. Our proven line of mobile RFID devices is supplemented by new mobile device. iID®wearable is a smart all-rounder for logistics and materials management, that has a shape of a smart watch. It can be worn comfortably on the wrist or clip. With integrated battery, a low weight of 40 grams and a clear, structured design, the device convinces in handling processes. The battery life of the iID®wearable covers one working shift in standard processes. The communication range of the device can be adjusted to the application (from a few cm to 150 cm). Colored LEDs, vibration feedback and buzzer give feedback when data is detected. 

The application areas include construction (assembly & manufacturing), picking, intralogistics, baggage handling and much more. More information please find in flyer Smart Data Capturing in industry & logistic »

DEMOsoft can be downloaded here:

Convenient maintenance and repair processes using mobile RFID technology

Intelligent maintenance processes require intelligent and easy-to-use sensors. In the age of the Internet of Things, simple and standardized communication interfaces are essential. The solution is using of smart mobile data acquisition. One of the core competencies of microsensys is the customer-specific development of RFID readers, which implement the communication between RFID transponders and HOST computers. Our broad portfolio of standard RFID read / write devices such as PENsolid and POCKETwork, and now iID®wearable or stationary readers such as the DESKTOPsmart and the INDUSTRY0906 reader are combined under the iID® contactless brand.

RFID Reader iID®POCKETwork

With the wireless mobile reader POCKETwork you can reach any position on your object to be inspected. The results will be transferred to a mobile device via Bluetooth. The reader has a display, three buttons, a battery, an USB- and Bluetooth- interface and it is available as a HF- and UHF-version. A comfortable software package and specific customer solutions make the iID® POCKETwork very flexible in his possible applications.

Your advantage: Clearly identification, tamper-proof and multiple use of marked objects, exactly reproducible measurement through unchanged and contactless measurement coupling as well as the simplest communication technology.

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