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Small Animals

Small animal tracking ... so you know what bees are up to all day long. Our mini tags are used in bee colonies all over the world. Applied to the body of the animals, they record login data directly on the hive. This enables valuable conclusions to be drawn about the lives of these extremely important individuals.

Universities and research institutes trust in our high-tech products. They help to make the world a better place to live.

iID®bee solution

Under the term BeeID we develop multifunctional RFID transponders for the monitoring of the bee.

If you want to have a clear view in your bee house without laying sensor wires or using battery-supported sensors, the TELID® sensors are the right choice. Using a mobile reader, they collect the sensor data and transfer it directly to the cloud if desired.

Bee identification for research

The mic3®Q1.6 mini transponder allows easy and stress-free identification of each individual bee. All movement data of the bees are automatically and safely recorded by practicable antennas at the entrance of each beehive. The iID®controller MAJA collects all data, processes them and transfers them to the internal memory or to the cloud.

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