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Process Monitoring

Contactless measurement and monitoring of physical variable

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RFID sensor technology optimizes quality management during the process

In washing machines in laundries or sterilizers, which are used for the pre-cleaning of surgical instruments, the TELID® system is the safely solution in practice for periodic checks of the prescribed temperature profiles. Passive RFID sensor transponders and semi-passive RFID sensor data loggers from the TELID® product family allow contactless measurement and monitoring of various physical variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure or vibration. Neither water nor common cleaning chemicals can influence the functionality of TELID® products, since the RFID sensor data logger is completely closed with a combination of materials made of stainless steel and plastic compound.

Contactless process monitoring for Autoklaves

TELID® dataloggers are characterized by a real-time clock integrated sensor, as well as a battery and storage capacity for measurement data. Status profiles from monitored and sensitive objects can be displayed using the TELID® sensor data loggers. The TELID® is developed to meet the quality management requirements of monitoring sterilization processes. TELID® is a data logger which provides efficient and seamless temperature monitoring during steam sterilization in autoclave under the conditions of up-to 140°C and 3.6 bar pressure. TELID® data logger has a built-in battery with a lifetime up to 3 years in regular use. More than 8,000 data packets from the sensor value and time stamp can also be recorded over a longer period of time. With the software TELID®soft is easier to comprehend whether user-defined temperature ranges have been exceeded, reached, maintained or not. 

The application areas for contactless measuring and monitoring are medicine, food industry, service industry (laundry facilities) and many more. More information learn here »

Process monitoring in washing machines & tumble dryers by CLC/FprTS 50707

The technical specification CLC / FprTS 50707 published by CENELEC defines a measuring method for determining the representative maximum temperature which is achieved in a washing cycle in the loading of a washing machine or a tumble dryer. According to this specification, the maximum temperature has to be measured with three temperature data loggers in the loading of the washing machine. The Temperature data logger TELID®311 has be place in the clothes and in the washing machine in a defined manner.

Technical specification CLC / FprTS 50707 make demands on the temperature data logger. This special requirements of the temperature data logger is correct measurement of temperature processes in washing machines and tumble dryers. The temperature data logger TELID®311 garantee all this technical requirements due to design. The application areas for contactless measuring and monitoring are  food industry, service industry (laundry facilities) and many more. Broschure Prozessüberwachung in Waschmachinene und Wäschetrocknern here »

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