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Wireless 3D Acceleration Sensor TELID®281.3D

Wireless, contactless and battery less is hardly possible ... but smart, small, intelligent, innovative and multifunctional are possible for our striking properties of the passive RFID acceleration sensor TELID®281.3D. With a diameter of only 15mm and a maximum thickness of 4mm, this TAG is ideally applicable for clear identification of measuring points as well as permanent reproducible vibration and acceleration analysis. It measures 3D vibrations, radial or tangential accelerations as well as the speed of rotating shafts. All functions are integrated in this multifunctional passive sensor transponder, including the FFT. The wireless communication of the TELID®281.3D conform to the ISO standard 15693 and can also be received practically via smart phone. Thanks to its integrated intelligent signal processing, analysis processes are reduced to a few seconds to avoid unnecessary data communication volumes. The sensor saves valuable resources and our environment. Important decisions can be made on site and urgent messages can be sent immediately. Its multifunctionality, self-sufficient energy supply and the maintenance-free long service life support our desired sustainability. With the TELID® product range, microsensys is targeting the path to artificial intelligence in the world of objects.