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May 9th to 11th - Nürnberg

Previous event - SENSOR+TEST is the leading international trade fair for sensor, measuring and testing technology. Starting on May 9th visitors can expect three days of pure technology with innovations to touch under the motto "Welcome to the innovation dialog!". Until May 11th around 350 exhibitors will inform visitors and experts from all over the world on site about the trends in the industry. 

Enclosed you can find a recap of the products we focused on this week:

  • Passive sensors (TELID 2xx line, e.g. TELID 281 for vibrations)
  • Sensor Beacons (TELID 7xx line, e.g. TELID 741 for pressure)
  • Data loggers for continuous process monitoring (TELID 3xx line, e.g. TELID 311.ac for high temperature)

If you have any questions about our products and solutions, do not hesitate to contact us!