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DESKTOPsmart 7.0

Certified product - for the USA und Kanada

Micro-Sensys GmbH countinues to be on the right track with aktivities and developement!

Now with certification for DESKTOPsmart 7.0 in the USA and Kanada. 

We offer the product as a stationary solution in the TELID®Bundle. Field of application: medicine, service (laundry services) and other. Due to the new software for iID®DESKTOPsmart could the data  be programm and read out according to the specific customer needs.The housing of the reader is made of Plexi glas, it has USB interface and has the perfect connection  to the TELID® software that is installed on a PC or tablet. The evaluation of the captured data  is done by a short query and is displayed with using a line graph or table sheet.