microsensys - your company for smart RFID hardware system solutions.

RFID transponders

The HF and UHF RFID transponders from microsensys are suitable for use under a wide variety of conditions.

RFID sensors

TELID® is a technology that combines the latest sensor technology with wireless RFID technology as a low-power system.

RFID reader

microsensys offers a wide range of standard designs for transferring data and puts together RFID reader components under the trademark iID® contactless.

RFID systems

As a manufacturer of components, microsensys provides many different software tools for its products to implement applications quickly and effectively.

RFID bundles & starter kits

With its kits and bundles, customers are given the opportunity to learn about microsensys RFID technology quickly and easily.

RFID applications

As part of its physical limits, we like to check the feasibility of your planned RFID application. Almost everything is possible!