Security Features and Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC application for measuring soil moisture in flower pots.

microsensys also supports transponders with special authentication and data encryption methods, i.e. transponders whose stored data are not accessible without knowledge of passwords or keys. Using this transponder requires special expertise that is not generally available due to security requirements. microsensys works closely with the relevant system providers and supports the user in implementing the system for this.

System Overview


The iID ®-K transponder system was developed by microsensys and can be very flexible in its application. Access to the 64-kbit EEPROM data memory of this system is secured by a password or by means of cryptographic encryption. The data storage itself can be divided into up to 8 memory segments, the contents of which can be protected using different keys with a cryptographic method. This means the iID ®-K transponder system can execute what is called a “multi-exchanges” application. We offer the following types of iID ®-K transponders:

- D6.7-TAGspecial

- D7-TAG

- D14-TAG

- D14-TAGspecial


- LABEL2028special

my-D S

microsensys supports transponders of the "my-D vicinity secure" type, with their special security features and works closely with Infineon as a supplier of the related SRF 55VxxS transponder chips. These transponders have a special authentication function and a hierarchical key management. They are ISO15693 compatible and have a memory of 2-kbit or 10-kbit. For more information, please contact Infineon directly, or of course microsensys.



LEGIC® transponders of the "prime" and "advant" types are widely used, especially in the access field, usually in the form of chip cards or key chains. As a LEGIC® partner, microsensys is able to integrate LEGIC® transponders in various security-related applications. It is also possible to expand existing system solutions to new areas of application. The accompanying readers for LEGIC® transponders are also offered by microsensys.


NFC (Near Field Communication) is an international transmission standard that is a specific application of RFID technology. Many new fields of application for transponders are opening due to the expected implementation of NFC reader modules in many mobile devices, especially in smartphones. The now standardised NFC transponders are also supported by microsensys and now offered in different designs tailored to customer requirements.