RFID sensor data loggers

RFID sensor data loggers from the TELID product range are available in HF and UHF versions.

The product groups TELID®300 and TELID®500 are based on TELID® sensor transponders with the additional functionality of a battery-backed data recording. However, the included battery only supports measuring and storing data. The contactless transmission of stored measurement values take place exclusively via the RFID interface so that it is possible to read data even with a dead battery. The TELID® sensor data loggers are ideal for complex monitoring of quality assurance or while transporting foods, plants, pharmaceuticals or medical products.


microsensys provides RF data loggers as part of the TELID®300 product range and UHF data loggers as part of the TELID®500 product range. microsensys also offers calibration as a service.  microsensys also calibrates data loggers according to customer specifications as a service.