iID® contactless PEN & POCKET readers

The PENmotion and POCKETwork are smart RFID readers with a Bluetooth interface.

microsensys offers a wide range of smart hand-held RFID read/write devices. The devices are characterised by their small size, their ergonomic design and handy operation. Manually handling the read/write devices is very useful for many applications if, for example, a particular RFID transponder is selected out of many closely spaced transponders or a direct statement of intent is required. RFID read/write devices from the iID® PenReader range are especially suitable for this.


Specially compact, handheld devices for mobile applications are available in what is called POCKET form. They have their own power supply via battery and also have the option of independently processing internally downloadable complex functions, which means that no HOST is required during the direct use of RFID. RS232, USB or Bluetooth can be used as interfaces for a HOST.