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07/03/17, 10:34, Age: 1 year(s)
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Quality and freshness are fine

Intelligent RFID system solutions for gapless monitoring in transport and logistics at LogiMAT 2017

Smartphone with Android app TELID®.ncf LOGGERdemo for configuring and evaluating the sensor data logger TELID®3X2.nfc

Completely adhering to the cold chain is a quality-defining feature in temperature-sensitive goods such as foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals. The measured values of RFID sensor data loggers provide fast and simple proof of the guarantee of prescribed temperature values. At LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart, microsensys will show RFID-based system solutions in hall 4 at booth 4F02, which enable the seamless monitoring of temperature-driven logistics chains using TELID® data loggers. Other values such as humidity, pressure, vibration or shock can also be monitored.
Microsensys's TELID®RFID system offers a sophisticated process that provides quick and easy proof of the availability of prescribed sensor values within a defined period of time. An essential component of the RFID system is a broad portfolio of passive RFID sensor transponders and semi-passive RFID sensor data loggers for measuring and monitoring different variables such as temperature, humidity, pressure or vibration. TELID® transponders and data loggers are used for the transport of easily perishable goods, building management or for the maintenance and upkeep of monitored installations. Aspects such as quality assurance and traceability play a decisive role. Especially in the segment of TELID® data loggers, the applications and designs are diverse. The blue all-rounder of the TELID®3X2 product series in the form of a half chip card have been developed for the monitoring of physical values, especially in logistics. Three different types are available for measuring temperature, humidity or shock. The data loggers can be installed via four mounting holes with screws or rivets on metallic and non-metallic surfaces. Especially in the food industry, the blue color is an advantage since it allows easy retrieval of the data loggers even inside of the goods. In temperature-controlled logistics chains, there are many places where the cargo temperature can change unintentionally. As a result, depending on the product, a small deviation from the specified temperature range suffices to spoil the product, to reduce its quality or durability. These temperature ranges are documented seamlessly, tamper-proof and contactless using the TELID® RFID sensor data logger. Here microsensys shows a further development: for temperature and humidity measurement, the blue all-arounds are now also available as NFC data loggers with an intuitive Android application. If the TELID®.nfc LOGGERdemo is installed on a smartphone, the sensor loggers can be configured and evaluated.